Future work

Putting this major update of the DBMNT online closes an important chapter in the work on the database. The work, however, is by no means finished. Many tasks lie ahead before the DBMNT reaches its desired form and functionality.

A provisional to-do list includes both short- and long-term plans, such as:

Finally, I realise that many mistakes, typos, and misinterpretations are hidden in the nearly 3000 DBMNT records, inevitable when trying to manage such an undertaking on one's own. Therefore, I would like to ask the users to let me know about spotted errors and/or inaccuracies.

In order to fully benefit from the information collected in our database you should have Coptic fonts installed. We strongly encourage you to utilize Antinoou Coptic fonts set which is available for free form the site of its developer.

If you have Antinoou fonts properly installed both texts shown below should look the same:

Coptic font's sample

DBMNT is run under the auspices of

Department of Papyrology
University of Warsaw

Department of Papyrology, University of Warsaw

The work was financed by

Raphael Taubenschlag Foundation

Raphael Taubenschlag Foundation


Faculty of History
University of Warsaw